We’re the Underground Writers, a team of volunteers who gather and curate creative writing from talented authors and put it together into Underground Creative Writing zine. We rely on submissions from talented and passionate creatives, and this applies to you if:

  • you feel like your best writing is wasting away unread
  • you have some poetry or prose that you’re dying for people to know about
  • you want to experience the thrill of having something published for the public to see
  • perhaps you even dread submitting to a professional literary journal because it’s intimidating and competitive

If any of these strike a chord then Underground is for you! We’re an independent, free ‘zine focused on anything and everything creative writing. Underground Writers are writers and students with a passion and flair for everything writing, and we don’t just want to share it with each other: we want to share it with the world!

Want to see what we’ve done before? Check out our previous issues. Interested in submitting? Head on over to our Submissions section. Questions? Check if they’re in our FAQ, and if not, drop us a line. Want to join our mailing list and receive issues and other pieces as they’re released? Send your name and preferred contact email to queries@underground-writers.org

We love hearing from you!

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