We are very excited to announce the winners of our Bedtime Stories competition in collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Festival! Congratulations to:

Sioban Timmer with ‘It’s Hard to Hug with Wings’
Kaitlin Pradhan with ‘Finding Courage’ 
Chris McRae with ‘Thieving Thackeray’s Toffee Turmoil’

Sioban, Kaitlin and Chris have won a $50 book voucher each to Underground Books and their stories will be turned into part of a light projection at the 2018 Kaleidoscope Festival from 1-4 November. Channel 7’s Angela Tsun, Adrian Barich and Samantha Jolly will present the stories.

For full details of the project and more about the festival visit the Kaleidoscope Festival website.

We look forward to seeing all you Undergrounders huddled around the installation at the festival!

Underground Team

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