We’re the Underground Writers, a team of volunteers who gather and curate creative writing from talented authors and put it together into Underground Creative Writing zine. We rely on submissions from talented and passionate creatives, and this applies to you if:

  • you want to experience the thrill and eternal glory of having your original work published
  • you have some poetry or prose that you’re dying for people to know about
  • but perhaps you dread submitting to a professional literary journal because it’s intimidating and impossibly competitive

If any of these strike a chord then Underground is for you! We are the first step in your writing career: an independent, free ‘zine focused on anything and everything creative writing. Underground Writers are writers and students with a passion and flair for everything writing, and we don’t just want to share it with each other: we want to share it with the world!

Want to see what we’ve done before? Check out our previous issues. Interested in submitting? Head on over to our Submissions section. Questions? Check if they’re in our FAQ, and if not, drop us a line. Want to join our mailing list and receive issues and other pieces as they’re released? Send your name and preferred contact email to queries@underground-writers.org

We love hearing from you!

We can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads

Our purpose and goals

Underground releases issues online quarterly and exists for student and emerging writers. We are not-for-profit; we do not charge for submissions, neither do we pay our writers or editors – we are a volunteer-run and led organisation

However, we do offer in-depth feedback to all submitters to Underground. Our editors read everything that is sent to us and we debate and critique and dissect all writing, be it poetry, short stories, flash fiction or reviews. We then work with authors to edit their piece/s to a professional standard, offering feedback and advice before publication. The bottom line is that we want to publish all writer’s work, and we will work with you until a piece really shines and is ready to be published.

Having said that, we also have restrictions on content and it is at the discretion of the Underground staff to refuse to publish a piece that we believe is offensive, inappropriate or somehow not right for us. For a full break down of what we accept and how to submit, see our Submissions page. Submission deadlines change per issue, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter (@undergroundWA) feeds for updates!

How we got here

Underground is a creative writing ‘zine started by some students at Edith Cowan University, Perth in 2009 with a focus on writing by students and newly emerging authors who are finding their feet in writing, editing, submitting and publishing creative pieces. We release online editions quarterly and reviews monthly, and we are working on expanding the ‘zine to reach writing students all over Australia and the world.

All of our issues can be found on the Issues page, where you’ll notice that we had a three year gap between July 2010 and June 2015. This is because the ‘zine stopped for a few years when the original founders moved overseas. Underground was revived in 2014 by Jemimah Halbert, a Creative Writing Honours student at  ECU who now lives in Melbourne. She started as a volunteer editor in 2011 and has been passionate about the ‘zine ever since.

When Jemimah revived the ‘zine she  recruited some more writing students from ECU to assist in editing and critiquing submissions for each issue. Biographies for these editors can be found on our Editors page.

Since the revival we have expanded to accepting reviews for the ‘zine, and releasing a review written by one of our editors each month. These can be found on our Reviews page.

A Quick History of Underground

  • Underground was founded in 2009 by Chris, Pauli, Lauren, Jess G. and Mark, all writing students at Edith Cown University, Perth
  • As their degrees finished and their lives moved on, only Chris and Jess G. were left at Underground, and in mid-2011 they recruited some more student editors to help with the ‘zine: Jemimah, Kia, Rob and E
  • At the end of 2012 Chris moved to South Korea to pursue teaching and Jess G. moved to London to travel and the other editors dispersed to different things; Underground was left for several years
  • In late 2014 Jemimah revived Underground, updating the Facebook, Twitter and website and getting the word out that Underground was back!
  • She then recruited several writing students from ECU, and after a few shuffles there are now six of us: Dylan, Shelley, Jess G., Jess Rae and Kate, and Editor-in-Chief Jemimah