The campaign ends

To all of our supporters,

Our campaign ended last night, and unfortunately we did not reach our target amount. I would like to thank everyone who pledged to us, and say that although we have been unsuccessful in reaching our monetary goal, we have achieved our goal of reaching more writers and readers around Australia and the world.

As we did not reach our goal in time no money will change (digital) hands. This means that, fiscally speaking, we are exactly where we started twelve days ago at the start of the campaign. Not to be deterred, Underground Writers is about to launch a Patreon crowd funding page. Patreon is different from Pozible in that, as well as one-off donations, donors can pledge to give a certain amount per month for a set number of months. This means that we have an ongoing income stream, which is much more suitable for a regular publication such as Underground. As your pledges have not reached us through Pozible, we ask you to consider pledging through our Patreon campaign, which we will be launching in the next few weeks and which, if you follow us our Facebook or Twitter, you are bound to hear about!

Thank you again for your support, and we hope that in the New Year your reading is rich and your writing is flowing!


The Underground Team

P.S. Those of you who opted for a reward will still receive it – expect to see your names on our social media, website, and in issue 17 of Underground, due out 5th February 2017!

Underground Team

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