Radio interview is up!

Hi all, If you didn’t catch us on the radio the other night, we’ve uploaded our interview from Monday night on 101.7 Hype FM’s show The Local. You can find it in the Issues/Other Content section; give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Underground to appear on the radio!

Hi all, If you listen in to 101.7 (Hype FM) about 9PMish on Monday, the 2nd of November, you should hear Underground editors Chris and Mark talking about and promoting Underground over the radiowaves. We were invited to speak on the show after they saw our flyer in the Inglewood library – whoever posted our…

Announcing… Our First Issue!

Our first issue has been released! Head on over to the Issues section to have a peek. Major thanks to all our submitters; we couldn’t run this gig without you! Hope you enjoy the read, let us know what you think at! Cheers, Underground Editors