What do you mean by emerging writers? Is that just young people?

We exist to support all emerging writers. An emerging writer is someone who is just stepping into their writing journey. That may be a young person, it may be someone who’s recently switched careers, or it may be someone who used to be a non-fiction writer who is now writing fiction (or vice versa). Anyone who is new to whatever style of writing they are trying is an emerging writer.

What makes you different from other Australian publications?

We are not a big operation; we are run entirely by volunteers who share a passion for good writing. Our zine is free to submit and free to download, and we always offer feedback to all our submitters, something offered by no other publication we know of. We have recently been able to start paying our writers, which we’re very passionate about and have been working towards since the beginning. Our goal is to be that first step, the first place a new writer is published, and our priorities are to be approachable and supportive to anyone who wasn’t to write, no matter their format or content. We want to see our writers flourish and go on to succeed in their writing dreams. However, we don’t receive funding, grants, or advertising revenue; we pay our writers entirely through the generosity of our Patreon supporters, which often limits the number of submissions we can accept for publication.

Why don’t you charge people to read the zine?

We don’t believe that a person’s financial situation should stop them being able to enjoy and support local emerging writers which is why Underground is always available to download for free. One day we hope to be able to print copies of Underground and this would likely be something we would charge for but we will always keep the free online edition. In the meantime, if people like what we do and think it is worth paying for we encourage them to donate to us through our Patreon page.

Where can I find copies of Underground?

You can download every issue of Underground from our Issues page. If you’d like to be emailed issues hot off the press you can find the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

I want to submit something, but it’s been published elsewhere. What should I do?

It depends: where is ‘elsewhere’? If it’s a blog post on your own page we may be able to look past it. If it’s another zine or journal however, that’s where it gets tricky. The best course of action would be to drop us a line explaining the situation and we’ll figure it out from there. Please be aware that submitting to us may affect your chances in other journals. We’ve contacted all the major literary journals and asked about this situation, and they gave us the same response we’ve just given. Get in touch with them and explain what’s going on, and hey, you might get lucky

How does the Submissions process work?

All the answers to this question are over on our Submissions page so head on over there and have a read through. There’s nothing that disappoints us more than having to reject a submission because it’s in the wrong format or it’s far too long for the zine or it’s in an unreadable font- the list stretches on- so make sure you read thoroughly and if you’ve still got questions feel free to drop us a line.

What do I get if I support Underground on Patreon?

Our Patreon page has the full breakdown of rewards but basically, no matter how much you pledge, all Patreon supporters are the first to receive all of our original content. That’s all new issues, blog posts, TBR lists, interviews and reviews several days before anyone else.

We’re also working on creating more rewards to thank our supporters, so watch this space and keep an eye on our Patreon page!