Cover art by Liana Wright
The first edition of the Underground Writers zine for 2020 is here!
‘Romance’ is special because, apart from being our 29th issue, it marks the first issue since 2015, that Jemimah has not compiled the issue, instead mentoring another editor on how to assemble it. Since Underground is about expanding and nurturing the experience and passion of both writers and editors, Jemimah guided Kate Lomas Glendenning on how to publish this issue.
The response to this issue’s genre of ‘Romance’ generated a broad mixture of creative writing. Although majority of responses concentrated on romantic love, several pieces looked at love for a family member, love for a friend or love for a stranger. Romance was not limited to writing about characters in romantic relationships but broadened to include those who experienced and felt love. While we cannot publish every piece that was submitted, the effort and thought put into each piece should be commended.
This issue features work from our previously published author Paul J Laverty, as well as newcomers Alison J Barton, Pete Horgan, Haydon Leigh, and Ruth Morgan; continue to pages 9 – 26 to read their work, carefully edited and moulded with the help of our incredible editorial team.


You can download issue 29 from our Issues Page

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