Editor in chief Kate Lomas Glendenning writes in her introduction “A lot of uncertainty and disdain surrounds the genre of ‘fan fiction’. Many don’t consider it worthy enough to be classified as a genre of its own right, yet it seems to surprise readers how many works can be classified as fan fiction. With the publication of this issue, we aim to challenge the stigma surrounding the genre.’ 

As you read Issue 34 we hope you’ll think carefully about the ways in which art influences more art, inspires more art, and builds on what has come before it. Writing, as an act of artistry, is all about conversation. It is exploration, critique and commentary of oneself, with a reader, and with other art and writing as well. 

Held within the beautiful cover art of L.B. Hazelthorn, are our authors Gillian Wills, Ruby Randles, Bianca Breen, and Asha Rajan, as well as Ebony Bryant’s review of Snow White, Rose Red & Other Tales of Kind Young Women by Kate Forsyth. All of this is beautifully brought together by Designer Adele Lomas Glendenning. 

You can find the issue free to download here

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