Front cover art for Underground Writers issue 35: Australian Gothic

The Underground Writers team presents issue 35: Australian Gothic!

With the surge in Australian Gothic literature and films in the past few years, it seemed apt to create our own issue dedicated to the theme. Given the uncertainties that have globally unfolded over the past year, we have been careful with our theme selection. As the editorial team mulled over what to choose, we could not help but be drawn to a beloved genre: ‘Australian Gothic.’ Despite the word ‘gothic’, the genre is not all about darkness but often utilises elements of humour.

In this issue you’ll find examples of Australian Gothic poetry and short stories from our brilliant contributors: Aideen Gallagher, Matthew Wojczys, Chloe Hosking, and Elise Kelly. You’ll also find a review of Kathy George’s Sargasso by Editor Lauren. This is another beautiful issue from the incredible design talent of Adele Lomas Glendenning, all wrapped up in Rina Sunok’s haunting, fantastic cover art – find her on Instagram @rina_sunok

You can find the issue free to download here.

Underground Team

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