In 2018 I’ve challenged myself to read further outside my usual habits, so this To Be Read list features two memoirs, a historical fiction work, a paranormal murder mystery, and a quintet of science fiction novels. A delectable selection of reading material!

Honey Farm Dreaming by Anna Featherstone

A memoir about a family who moved from the city to rural NSW to live and work on a farm. This book is a sort of companion work to Small Farming Success Australia; the personal rather than the informative. I’m excited to read it because I enjoy stories about people and families who make big changes, take risks, and grow into their new roles and surroundings.

Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World by Leah Hager Cohen

This memoir is by a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adult), Leah Hager Cohen, and it ‘follows the debates that rage within [the Deaf community]. Should deaf children be taught A.S.L. [American Sign Language] even if that estranges them from their hearing families? Will ‘mainstreaming’ deaf pupils into ordinary public schools end up stripping them of their identities?’
I’m reading this work because I’m currently taking a class in AusLan (Australian Sign Language), and I’ve been learning about these debates within deaf communities. Although this book is American, the debates Cohen explores are common in deaf communities around the world, and this work will give me a stronger understanding of them from someone who grew up in Deaf culture.

The Good People by Hannah Kent

I’ve been hearing amazing things about this author for a while; Burial Rites is her first novel and it won and was shortlisted for numerous Australian literary awards. Having heard so many good things about her first book, I was compelled to buy her second when the blurb on the back starts ‘In the year 1825, in a remote valley lying between the mountains of south-west Ireland, three women are brought together by strange and troubling events.’
I love a good historical fiction, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one!

In the Blood by Jackie French

As you may have noticed from other TBRs and blog posts: I love everything by Jackie French! I’ve wanted to read this book ever since I discovered she’d written a vampire novel (don’t you judge me: we’ve all had an interest in vampires at some point!). In the blood is the first of the Outlands trilogy, has themes of city-versus-country, mentions of genetically modified animal-human hybrids, dystopias, paranormal themes, and murder… I expect that further books in this trilogy will be on future TBR lists!

A Wrinkle in Time quintet by Madeline L’Engle

I read the first of this series when I was a pre-teen and it was one of those seminal novels that ignited my love for science fiction. Little did I know until years later that it’s actually the first of FIVE novels and now I get to re-read the first one and dive deep into the other four! Also the movie of A Wrinkle in Time is coming out this year, starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Storm Reid as Meg Murry. Talk about a dream come true! The whole quintet consists of:

A Wrinkle in Time
A Wind in the Door
A Swiftly Tilting Planet
Many Waters
An Acceptable Time.

Don’t those titles just send shivers down your spine?!

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