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Fly the Colour Fantastica: A comic anthology, featuring comic artists Natasha Sim, Sheree Chuang, Alisha Jade, Viet-My Bui, Alicia Braumberger, Eevien Tan, Sai Nitivoranant, Rebecca Hayes, Eri Kashima, Sam Jacobin, Nadia Attlee, Vikki Ong

A review by editor-in-chief Jemimah

Fly the Colour Fantastica is a collection of short comics, each one its own self-contained story set in stunning colours. The title of each chapter is a theme reflected in the story: Serendipity, Permanence, Freedom, Belonging, Intercept, Synthesis, Unity, Capture, Diversity, Clarity, Acceptance, and Threshold. The work is a limited edition hard cover published in 2015 using the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, but is also available as an e-book.

I knew this book was going to be one of my favourites when the very first chapter, entitled Serendipity, is about a mermaid who makes friends with a little boy and they spend a day together in his world. Each story is very sparsely worded, the plot translated by the reader in the movement and expressions of the characters, each in their own strange fantasy landscape depicted in panels that range from a full page to small strips of less than a fifth of the page. The style of each comic is unique, some leaning towards the drama and flowing lines of the anime style, others reminiscent of Western super-hero comics, and several with a rounded and playfully childish feel.

This is a beautiful work brought together by a team of passionate creatives who wanted to showcase the incredible work of female artists based around Australia. It is suitable for readers, art-lovers and comic-lovers alike, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes their books with a splash of fantastic colour!

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