We’ve been excited about this issue since we announced the theme! In issue 21 is wrapped in the incredible artwork of Linus Andersson, and inside you’ll find a selection of mythological renditions from as far and as wide as possible: we have modern re-tellings, re-visitings, revisions, and cheeky and hilarious re-imaginings. Also including a review by editor Dylan of Marlborough Man by Alan Carter.

Poetry: MTC Cronin and Peter Boyle with The Hyenas That Invented the Travelling City, Elise Kelly with Frat Boys, Greek Gods, and Brass Monkeys, Alys Jackson with Statue of Mercury in the Uffizi, and Maddie Godfrey with a woman is a cursed echo and The Goddess Texts All Her Exes.

Short stories: feature piece, Laura Kenny’s The Labyrinth, Antony Millen’s The Boy at Ohinetonga, Jude Bridge’s Straight from the Norse’s Mouth, and Sian Tondut’s The Fear Eater.

You’ll also find the theme for issue 22, due out in May, at the end of this issue, as well as a list of opportunities for writers and a list of publications taking submissions.

Underground Team

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