Issue 24’s Review

Clever Crow (2018) by Nina Lawrence, illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft

 Review by Kate Lomas Glendenning (this review can also be read in the Underground zine, issue 24: Bars)

Clever Crow is a stunning union of English and Djambarrpuynu language. Djambarrpuynu is the language of the Indigenous people of North East Arnhem Land, and the use of the language in this book is mentored and aided by Yolnu Elders. Every page has the story transcribed in both English and Djambarrpuynu. Clever Crow follows a very cunning—and sneaky—crow that steals a big turtle egg from people—right under their noses! Children will love the wit of the story and admire Bancroft’s beautiful illustrations of the crow’s exploits. An orthography and glossary of the Djambarrpuynu language is located at the back of the book, which is a fantastic way to encourage readers to recognise and respect a language that has existed for over 40, 000 years. A fantastic book to enjoy Lawrence’s writing and Bancroft’s illustrations, and to educate children and adults alike!

Underground Team

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