The book cover of The Pick-Up by Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish.

Title: The Pick-Up
Author: Fiona Harris & Mike McLeish
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Echo Publishing
Published: May 2021

Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish are the ultimate husband and wife acting-turned-writing duo. Harris is known for her work on plays Skithouse, Tangle and The Beautiful Lie while McLeish is most well known for playing Paul Keating in Keating! The Musical. The two have been creative collaborators before, in comedy, music and writing. Their latest venture is writing best-selling fiction with their debut book The Drop-Off, processor to The Pick-Up, published in 2020.

The Pick-up is the exciting sequel to The Drop-off and follows three friends as they navigate the challenges and joys of relationship scandals, work, and raising teenagers. This is a light-hearted and fun read that is enjoyable and relatable for readers in their 30s who might know all too well the experiences that Lizzie, Megan, and Sam are going through. The Pick-Up is unique in that it is written from three points of view. Lizzie is written in the first person; Megan is written in the third person, and Sam’s character is communicated through his writing of emails and letters. I found this variation to be a little overwhelming at times, but readers who are up for something new and different are bound to enjoy it. Similarly, there were a lot of characters­—at times it was hard to keep track!—but it certainly reflected the chaos that comes with having children; and the many roles busy parents have to fill.

Though this book is not what I would usually pick up, I found I sympathised with the characters’ ups and downs. I was intrigued and tickled by Megan’s scandalous relationship; I loved Lizzie for her openness and honesty; and found Sam equally endearing. I think readers who have aged out of reading young adult characters, but miss the easy absorption of a YA romance will enjoy The Pick-Up. Similarly, if you like finding companionship in the characters you are reading about, this one is for you!

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