Writing Challenge Day 7

Writing Challenge Day 7 *Here is a list of story genres: romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, children’s book, comedy, murder mystery, western. Feel free to add any others that you like to the list.* Look at a story you’ve written this week and re-write it in the above styles. How does changing the style change your…

Writing Challenge Day 6

Writing Challenge Day 6 *write a list of your favourite characters/historical figures/celebrities.* You invite them all to dinner. What is the dinner conversation like?

Writing Challenge Day 5

Writing Challenge Day 5 *Google “weird news”. Write a list of the kooky headlines that come up.”* Imagine you wake up one day in an alternative universe where those headlines are normal. What is this alternative world like? You discover that you know one of the people involved in one of the news stories. How…

Writing Challenge Day 4

Writing Challenge Day 4 *Following on from yesterday’s challenge, write a list of places you or your character want to go.* Why do you/your character want to go to each place? What do those places have in common? How would you get to each place? What do you think would happen at each place?

Writing Challenge Day 3

Writing Challenge Day 3 *Write a list of places you or your character have been. They can be as far ranging as countries or as close to home as the local shops.* Try to link these places. What does each place say about you/your character? What did you learn in each place? What happened in…

Writing Challenge: Day 1

Writing Challenge Day 1 *write a list of things that are around you right now (objects, people, weather, sounds, smells…)* Write a story that incorporates them all. How far out of your space can you make those objects reach? How different can you make the space around you become?