Hi all, Chris here.

So we’re well aware that this is outside of your usual postcode, but for anyone that’s interested, I’m going to be making an appearance in Adelaide over the weekend at the Format Festival’s Academy of Words 2011, sitting on the panel titled “How to Sell Out Without Losing Your Cred”, talking about how we got to where we are with Underground and in general having a rollicking ole time talking about writing with a bunch of fellow writers. The program describes the panel as follows:

Moving copies doesn’t mean you’ve caught the mainstream. Emerging publishing technology means it is becoming easier to access niche, subcultural markets beyond your immediate circle of friends – meaning you can have a satisfying body of readers without compromising the integrity of your soul. Meet some people who are doing this with panache.

Like I said, we’re more than aware it’s a little bit of a trek for some of you (I can barely adjust to the fact that I’m going to be there myself!), but it would be great to see some of our South Australian readers and submitters there if you can spare the time. Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it.

Here’s the info in dot point form:

When: Sunday, 27th February, 2011. 10:00 AM -> 11:00 AM

Where: 15 Peel Street, Adelaide

Why: To support us, and because I might actually say something interesting for once.

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