Three headshots, of Lily Maddison, Sachini Poogoda, and Caitlin Scott

We are very pleased to welcome three new members to the Underground Writers team! These superstars will be helping us wade through the piles of review copies that appear in our inboxes every month.

Headshot of Caitlin Scott, book reviewer with Underground Writers
Caitlin Scott

Caitlin will soon be bringing us a review of Lyndall Clipstone’s debut YA fantasy novel Lakesedge, Averil Kenny’s historical fiction work Those Hamilton Sisters, and Susannah Hardy’s Loving Lizzie March.

You can read more about Caitlin here and here.

Headshot of Sachini Poogoda, book reviewer with Underground Writers.
Sachini Poogoda

Sachini’s review of Aniko Press’ second magazine, Revolt, will be released here on the 18th July (or on the 14th if you’re a Patreon supporter). She’ll also be bring us a review of Dianne O’Brien’s Daughter of the River Country and Karen Manton’s The Curlew’s Eye.

You can read more about Sachini here and here.

Headshot of Lily Maddison, book reviewer with Underground Writers.
Lily Maddison

Lily is currently working on reviews of Malla Nunn’s Sugar Town Queens, Jacquie Byron’s Happy Hour, and Terri Janke’s True Tracks.

So keep an eye out for these and more excellent critiques of Australian writing over the coming months from our new reviewers!

Underground Team

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