I discovered Booktube back in 2016. It was like a whole new world of literature had opened up to me. Books I had no idea even existed made their way onto my TBR list, and I even discovered Goodreads because of the people I was watching. I had found a community of people that were as passionate about reading as I was, and my reading tastes (and wallet) have never been the same. Booktube is the corner of YouTube that focuses entirely on literature; from book recommendations and reviews, to book hauls and discussion videos. It has become a community for readers to unite and talk about books, and it is also a powerful marketing tool for publishing companies.

Here’s a list of a few of my favourite Booktubers that I think you should check out! If you’re a fan of one particular genre, I have included their reading tastes so you can match them to your own.


Kayla from BooksandLala mainly produces content regarding contemporary and thriller/mystery books, and often posts reaction videos or vlogs for readathons. She is the creator of both the Buzzwordathon and the Lalathon. If you’re a fan of thriller and mystery novels, check out her 3 Thriller review videos.


Natasha from MyReadingIsOdd is a recent discovery of mine and I love her. She’s hilarious, loves horror and her vlogs are always something I look forward to watching. I trust her opinion when it comes to recommendations; especially when it comes to her reviews of Stephen King. She is currently reading them in publication order, and posts Stephen King Sunday videos.

Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell is a British award-winning poet and short story author. Her channel offers insights into writing poetry, her personal life, as well as the books she has been currently reading. Her diverse reading tastes are what drew me to her content, and I love that she reads lesser known works and translated fiction. She has also judged literary awards and so her reviews are ones that I trust!

Books With Chloe

Books with Chloe is a fun, easy-going channel to watch. I mostly watch her reading vlogs and, though I am not the biggest fan of YA Fantasy, I often find myself looking up the books she is talking about and adding them to my Goodreads TBR. It’s a great channel for people looking for a younger, less serious take on literature, and for someone who enjoys watching weekly reading vlogs.

Six Minutes for Me

Six Minutes for Me is such an underrated Aussie channel! Jaclyn is an Aussie expat living in Texas, and has a main focus on literary and historical fiction. With a focus on both reading Australian fiction as well as local authors from Texas, there is a wide range of content to discover. I particularly enjoy her videos featuring Australian literature and, as someone who doesn’t read a lot of adult fiction, I find her recommendations to be particularly helpful.


Olive is the queen of non-fiction recommendations. My poor TBR is bursting at the seams with non-fiction books now that I have discovered her channel. I love her monthly wrap-ups, as they offer insightful and intelligent reviews of the books she has read over the month. She is also partial to a glass of wine, so she’s a woman after my own heart. Underground editor Dylan is also a fan of her Drunk Book Reviews!


Cece’s channel is one I turn to when I’m looking for all of the LGBTQIA+ book recommendations. Her channel is described as “reviews, recommendations, bookish songs, unboxings, fandom discussions, and the occasional vlog. I also chat about movies, fandom, my personal experiences with sexuality, and just about anything else that catches my fancy.”

 Kristen Martin

As an Amazon bestselling author, Kristen offers a wealth of information in regards to how to successfully write and self-publish a book and effective time-management. She’s one of the few content creators that I consider a role model, and as a part-time editor juggling a university degree and a job, her time management and productivity videos have been immensely helpful! If you’re a writer, I would highly recommend watching her videos about worldbuilding, story planning and general writing tips.

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