Chris McRae’s story ‘Thieving Thackeray’s Toffee Turmoil‘ is one of three winning entries to the Underground Writers Bedtime Stories competition. Along with two other winners, Chris’s story will be turned into a light projection at the 2018 Kaleidoscope Festival from 1-4 November. The winning stories will be presented by Channel 7’s Angela Tsun, Adrian Barich and Samantha Jolly.

Chris McRae is the Learning Area Coordinator for the Arts at Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook and has always enjoyed creative pursuits in Music, Theatre and Popular Culture. Writing has long been a passion and hobby for him and he currently writes for the Swan Magazine and Capitals Outsider, a US based blog linked to the Washington Capitals Ice Hockey Team of the NHL. Chris has had past work published for the ECU Guild Magazine, Australian Ice Hockey League, Perth Thunder, Hockey Clan and various film and sport based publications. He particularly enjoys compiling entertainment reviews and sports content and has recently branched out into short story writing. 

Chris enjoys writing about topics about which he is passionate and has particular interests in Ice Hockey, Film, Television and Music. He is happily married, lives in Perth and his interests lie in Music, Ice Hockey and Theatre.
To catch Chris’s winning entry, download a map from the Kaleidoscope Festival website and join us on the weekend!
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