It is with great sadness that the beginning of 2020 also rings the farewell of the wonderful Dylan Dartnell, who is moving on to pursue his career and other passions. While we’re hoping Dylan may be able to rejoin us at some point in the future, we are extremely excited for him and can’t wait to see what he goes on to achieve.

Dylan has been an editor with Underground since 2015. He was always thoughtful in his work, widely-read and offered considerate and thoughtful feedback, not just on the submissions that came to us from issues, but also to the contributions of other editors.

Dylan wrote in Issue 28 ‘Invitation’ of joining Underground: “I had a top knot, a nose ring and shredded denim shorts—a very different time. I sat in my creative writing class where Jemimah stood front and centre. She explained that after a small hiatus Underground Writers was ready to be reborn and I wanted to be a part of something tactile…” Since that time, Underground has grown considerably thanks to the dedication of its editors.

We’d like to thank Dylan for all of his hard work, his enthusiasm and passion, and his friendship. The team feels strange without you Dylan, but we wish you all the very best.

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