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Bullet Journaling has been around for a while now, and there are many niche areas you can delve into if bullet journaling is your jam: mood tracking; activity and exercise mapping; garden journaling; cooking journals; art journals; heck, even witchy journaling in a Book of Spells! But my absolute favourite spreads in bullet journaling are the Bookish Spreads. Reading trackers, TBR lists, release lists… there are so many ideas out there for incorporating a love of books into your bullet journaling, and here’s a few of them, plus some I’ve cooked up myself …

  1. The Read Spread

Probably the most common bookish bullet journal spreads are illustrations of books that you can colour in or fill in the spines as you finish them. I prefer cute, neat little lists with aspects of each book that you like. You can find thousands of these spreads on Instagram and Pinterest; here are a few tasters!

From  @bujototheminimal on Instagram

From @her.woodland.tales on Instagram

From @pensamentovisual on Instagram

  1. The New Book Release Calendar

I’ve seen similar spreads for movie releases and I extrapolated for this one: a calendar spread with all the new releases (or edition releases) you’re looking forward to in the year to come, plus a notes section for new releases in future years to be added to next year’s calendar

  1. The Series Lister

Excellent for tracking the series you’re reading, particularly if not all books are released yet. This spread would be best in a reading journal that stretches over several years, so that you can capture every book in a series, which may take more than one year to read, many bullet journals only covering year at a time. The example here is for TV series, but would be easy to adapt!

From @minartwork on Instagram

  1. The Author Origin Mapper

Fun for if you like maps, and useful for tracking your books in translation and read-around-the-world challenges. This spread can also be applied to the states or regions of the country you live in.

  1. The Tracker Tracker

Ok I made this one up for fun. If, like me, you’ve been tracking your reading habits for some years, you can keep a running total of books read and/or reviewed since you started tracking them, use the tracker tracker! Likewise, if you undertake different challenges each year, you can track them in your tracker tracker!

Basically, bookish bullet journal spreads are only limited by your imagination. As you can tell from my own examples I tend to favour finding an interesting way of visualizing my reading habits over fancy illustrations and calligraphy. But that’s the other joy of bullet journals: they can be as extra or as straightforward as you like. They are for you and your creative desires!

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