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After twelve years of championing emerging Australian writers, Underground Writers has published its last issue and will wrap up operations over the next six months.

We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and are so grateful to the many volunteers who have worked with us, Patreon supporters who have financed us, writers and artists who have submitted to us, readers who have followed and shared our work, and publishers who have shown enthusiasm and support for the project.

Over the past twelve years, we have produced thirty-six issues of Australian short stories and poetry, with contributors paid for their pieces from “Issue 17: Hitchhiker” onwards. We’ve also produced over 180 book reviews, 35 interviews with authors and publishing professionals, over 50 listicles celebrating Australian literature, and over 70 writer resources on everything from writing opportunities and tips to marketing and motivation ideas.

Underground Writers first started in 2009 as a newsletter produced by a team of university students who found submitting to the larger literary journals intimidating. Stories and poetry were printed onto a double-sided A3 sheet of paper, folded, and left in cafes around the Mt Lawley area for people to enjoy free of charge. The content produced by Underground Writers has remained free to access all these years.

The Underground Writers website will remain active until the end of the 2021-22 financial year with occasional book reviews still to be posted but no more issues will be produced. The team thanks everyone for their support and looks forward to continuing to support the Australian writing community as they move on to new opportunities.

Underground Team

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