‘Tis the season my sweets, and I don’t know about you but I love Christmas, especially giving gifts. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve grown up and I’m truly adulting, because I think I love giving gifts more then receiving them; I’ve been told I’m a stellar gift-giver. However I imagine I am not the only one who struggles with coming up with ideas on occasion. As a book lover and a writer I get given a lot of books (often ones I already own) and notebooks, and while I love a good book and I’m a notebook hoarder, here are some other ideas for the book-lover and writer in the family that aren’t books/notebooks.  

One for the Classics

Litographs accessories

From shirts, to artwork, Litographs is an online company that uses over 200 titles to create classic literature products. I purchased a shirt from this company for a friend and I was impressed by not only the selection available to me but also the quality of the product- plus it was gosh darn cute.

Novel Teas

Great as a stocking stuffer, this bag includes 25 individually tagged teabags with literary quotes from the Victorian era. Personally I’m not a tea drinker, but I know many book-lovers/writers who are and I reckon this is a cute idea, sweet and simple.

Mug One & Mug Two

For the book lovers and writers who prefer coffee over tea, why not a cool mug? “First Lines of Literature Mug”, features a design of the first lines of incredibly popular classics. The “Shakespeare Insults” Mug, is my personal favourite, featuring insults from the great Shakespeare. Place a bag of coffee beans in the mug, or some chocolates and you can jazz it up a bit.

Gifts for Writers

The Writer’s Toolbox

Designed by a creative writing teacher, this Toolbox includes a 64-page booklet filled with exercises & instructions, 60 description prompt cards and 4 spinners to spark different plot twists. Help your writer get over that writer’s block.

Aqua Notes

I often hear about people saying they get their best ideas in the shower, well for those exact people here is a solution to preserve them. This waterproof pad is not only a great gag gift but also a way to jot down those shower ideas that won’t end up with water everywhere.

Fountain Pen

You can get fountain pens anywhere; I have a few ornamental fountain pens that have been engraved by loved ones. It’s personal, thoughtful and it made me feel like I could be a writer- maybe it’ll be a nice push for that struggling writer you know.

Gifts for Book Lovers

100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart

I don’t know about you but being the book lover I am, I often find it hard when deciding what to read. Feeling like I’ve read it all but desperately needing something new to read, enter this chart. This poster, which you can purchase on its own or in a frame, features 100 “essential reads” from 1605 to the present day. Each book features a unique gold foil design, and when you’ve read the book, you can scratch it off it to reveal a new design underneath.

Book Subscription Services

Book subscription services are a monthly, subscription service that gives you a mystery box of books, and book-related goodies. You can purchase a one-off service, a 3-month service or a six-month service depending on your preference. Their a lot of different services out their specializing in different types of genres, price points etc. Depending on who you’re buying for and the price you’re willing to pay depends on the box- here is an article about some of the best book subscription services out there (do be careful about shipping costs).

Book Candles

As a book-lover I love the smell of books, so what’s better then a candle that smells like a library? In three different scents; Antique Books, Ancient Scrolls and New Books, you can get that book smell without the potential moldiness.

Games for Story Tellers

I’m a game lover as well as a book lover, so here are a few games for the fellow storyteller. All these games are available at: https://www.gamesworld.com.au


Players have to convince other players that their story best fits their story card while everyone else is trying to convince others of their story cards fitting your story. You’re awarded points when people vote for your story card that fits your story. It’s a visually stunning game and great to get the brain working.

Once Upon a Time

This is a story-building game where by the leader starts a story trying to work towards their end card. Meanwhile everyone else is working towards their own story card, the first person to get rid of all their cards wins.


This is an anagram game similar to Scrabble but way more travel friendly. Players race against each other to build up a crossword grid and use up all their tiles before the other players.


Great for lovers of puns. You get two cards with random words on them, you then have 90 seconds with your team member to come up with the best pun you can, incorporating said words. This game is a bit of fun and full of writing prompts.

Like I said books and notebooks are great but if you want to get creative these are just a few ideas. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas full of writing inspiration.

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