Howdy howdy, writers and readers alike,

After a long, long wait, Issue 8 has finally been released. Now, you’ve probably got a few questions for us. Firstly, what is this monster ‘zine that appears in front of me, parading around with its 20 pages of literary goodness? Secondly, why does it say December 2011? Thirdly… I don’t have a thirdly.

We received a lot of submissions on the longer end of things for Issue 8, and we’ve always been keen to publish something with a little bit of length to it, so this time we worked our magic and managed to cram two short stories into Issue 8, and as a result, we’ve kind of overflowed from the usual ~4-8 pages into a 20 page epic. Exciting, no? And this is only the digital version – the print version has now shifted to an A5 ‘zine, and is a couple of pages more on that again! Let me know if you want a print version – just pop on over to the contact page and drop me an email.

As for our second issue, we’ve actually had the issue ready to go for about a week now, but we managed to run into a conflict with one of our submissions. Thankfully, everything’s sorted now – conflict is no fun, and thankfully we managed to resolve it in a way that makes everyone happy. So we’re a few days late, but we’re keeping the December date there because hey, that’s when we released it in spirit. I’m sure I could word that sentence a lot better.

Thirdly… that’s right, I didn’t have a thirdly. I guess a thirdly can be my personal thanks again for supporting our ‘zine. We run this because we’re dedicated about writing and want to share our passion with the rest of the world. It may be rough at times, but that’s how it is – we wouldn’t be fighting for it if we didn’t think it was worth it. Whoo, that was a considerable amount of double negatives… and at that, I’m going to leave you here. Head on over to our Issues section to find Issue 8, have a read, and let us know what you think!

Ah yes, thirdly! We also have a new writing activity – if you’re having a bit of trouble getting the creative juices flowing, you should definitely head on over to our Writing Activities page and check it out.

So, to recap:


Many thanks, folks. From the bottom of our hearts. Underground has huge plans for 2012 – we’re going to try to be one of the leading fronts of information on writing in WA and Australia as a whole,  and we’d love for you to be a part of them.



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