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Black Hole

Leaning over the railing the swirling black waters call to me. My mind whispers, urging me to let go of my hold and fall into the void. It‰Ûªs an incredible rush being at the edge of eternity.

They are hard to find: a black mass hiding amongst infinite darkness. How do you find something you cannot see? Only by watching the light around them. Light and joy can never be snuffed out, not completely. But beyond the event horizon is a pressure so intense that it shapes galaxies, dragged into the blackness, compressed and crushed into a pocket of infinitesimal space. The best way to survive an encounter with a black hole is to stay away.

Not many things are endless. Top of the list are black holes and souls, although the exact nature of each is shrouded in mystery. Souls, depending on one‰Ûªs particular beliefs, are also endless, are unique, are unquenchable, and project light. Life-light; the light of being alive.åÊ

If a person were to fall into a black hole would they reappear in another‰Ûªs soul and, much like the Ouroboros, infinitely disappear and reappear into themselves?

It must be a lonely existence. Always spinning, always hungry never sated, always hated, forever shrouded in darkness. Time grinds on slowly when entangled in the crushing downward spiral.


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