Hi all,

I’m not going to lie, we really dropped the ball on this one. A solid month and a half late and with little indication on our behalf it would ever come out, Issue 3 wasn’t exactly looking promising. It’s not been easy for us editors; uni life has been shockingly difficult, personal complications have gotten in the way… and yet they’re all just excuses.

Thankfully, Issue 3 is actually here, and you can read it right away. Head on over to our Issues/Other Content page to have a squiz. Don’t worry; we’ve streamlined our approach now, and reworked our team structure, and Issue 4 is going to be out right on time, bigger and better than ever.

Major thanks again goes to all our submitters – you’re the ones that make this magazine! Most of all, thanks to those who’ve put up with us thus far; there aren’t many of you, but we appreciate your support. Honestly. Truly. If we weren’t poor uni students, we’d even give you each a cookie. Alas…

Thanks all. ’till next time!

Underground Team

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