Cover art by Linus Andersson

Issue 32: Horror can be downloaded for FREE here

Welcome to the final issue of 2020, #32: Horror. We had more submissions for this issue than any other this year, and we’re guessing that has something to do with the year that has been!
This is our first issue typeset by Paul, our new Graphic Design Manager, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Featuring new fiction by Zachary Benn, Caitlin Kelly, Lisa Collyer, Ciara Peg Condren, and Jayde Robinson-Clancy, all of whom were guided through the editorial process by our brilliant Junior and Senior Editors. Our Marketing Manager Jess reviews the brilliant Little Jiang from Fremantle Press, written by Shirley Marr and illustrated by Katy Jiang. This issue also features new original cover art by Linus Andersson, who illustrated the cover of issue 21: Mythological Figures way back in early 2018 and can be found on Instagram at @NPLillustration.
As always, we hope you enjoy the fine work of our emerging authors and editors, and we look forward to serving up even more wonderful writing in 2021!

Underground Team

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