When we sought submissions for this issue, we wrote that, ‘What makes historical fiction captivating is not the absence of modern inventions but rather how our feelings and emotions are felt and expressed by people separated from us by time.’ Although each submission is varied in era, topic, and characters, there is an undeniable comfort in the familiarity of the past. As you immerse yourself in Issue 33, we hope you capture waves of nostalgia as you glimpse back into the past.

Along with our fantastic fiction and poetry pieces, you’ll also find a review of No Small Shame by Christine Bell written by Shelley Timms, and the newest additions coming to the Underground bookstore, all sandwiched in Naomi Hurrey‘s gorgeous cover art. Issue 33 also marks the very first all-colour issue from Underground!

You can find the issue free to download on our Issues page!

Underground Team

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