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Underwater by Marisa Reichardt

A review by editor Timilehin Adeyemi

Underwater is one contemporary novel that had me on the edge.  Marisa Reichardt’s writing is phenomenal, employing a wordy style with every bit and piece coming together to form a brighter picture of event.  The writing style was perfect for the plot. It captures how Morgan (main character) felt after the school shooting which she seem to take responsibility of and convey them perfectly for readers. It did not take much time to get into the emotional state Morgan found herself being confined into her apartment while living a routine life for four months battling unforgiveness.

The events that led to Morgan’s anxiety and panic attack was a mystery for a larger part of the book.  It is quite easy for readers to get a grasp of the school incident quite early into the books but it becomes a daunting task understanding the relationship between the incident and Morgan’s incessant panic attacks.  

While other survivors embraced life and decided to take chances, Morgan did the opposite.  She shut herself away from everything that could hurt her, including other people.  Brenda (Morgan’s Psychologist), her mum, her brother and Evan her new neighbour all played a big role in getting her out of the trauma and grief that was quickly sinking her.  

Underwater is one of those book that is void of action and not pacey but intriguing due to the many mysteries that unfolded within the course of the book.  It is also important to note that readers might find themselves getting quite attached to the character “Morgan”.  Underwater is a book that would require a little bit more of time to be devoted to it as it might prove not to be a breeze. Overall, Underwater is a fantastic read and I would recommend it while also recommending having a bit of patience to grow into the book.  

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