I feel like asking a writer and avid reader what they want to read next is like asking an artist what they want to paint next; the answer is everything. However due to the amount space I have allocated I can’t simply write a list of every book written in the fiction world so here goes to narrowing that list down…

Tower of Dawn- Sarah J Maas

This book is the 7th instalment of Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series, ever since reading her Court of Thorn and Roses earlier this year I have been obsessed with Sarah and her Fae world. I wrote a review for the third book in her A Court of Thorns and Roses series and I love her Throne of Glass series even more. The villains and characters are more developed in this series and it has taken me on a wild ride.

The series starts with Celaena, her kingdom’s (Adarlan’s) most famous assassin, Dorian the Prince of Adarlan and Chaol the Captain of the Guard. Dorian brings Celaena out of her imprisonment and slavery to participate in a competition to become the King’s champion and ultimately her freedom. This series has made me laugh, cry and stay up to the early hours of the morning. The characters, even the villains, are incredible and well-rounded and thankfully I am not tortured by a gruelling love triangle despite the series being classified as fantasy/romance.

I’m counting down the days until I read this. Sarah J Maas’ books has gotten me back into the fantasy genre so the rest of the books on this list are influenced by feverish hunger for fantasy.

Six of Crows- Leigh Bardugo

Author of the Shadow and Bone series, Leigh brings us a crew set out to perform an impossible heist to break out a hostage with un-told magical abilities. Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series, Maria V Snyder’s Studies series and Red Sister by Mark Lawrence has really gotten me into this fantasy assassin/criminal genre. So this seemed to fit in with my current taste in books.

This book has a 4.5 rating on Goodreads and there seems to be no love interest which I find refreshing in the fantasy genre. I’m intrigued that this book seems to switch between characters and I’m not usually a big fan of that happening in a book, because there is always a character or two who I hate reading from their perspective. It’ll be interesting to see if I like all the characters or if there is going to be a character whom annoys me.

3 Dark Crowns- Kendare Blake

3 sisters, born on the same day, the day they turn 16 trials begin and only 1 will survive to rule. 1 sister can control fire and storms, 1 is impervious to poisons and the last controls nature. Give me some fantasy, throw in a competition that’ll end with only 1 survivor and I’m all in. Again what is nice about this is there seems like this will be a story about sisters rather than love, again, refreshing for the fantasy genre. I’m not saying I’m apposed to romance- I love reading romance but it’s nice once in a while to change things up.

While this book has a 4 store rating on Goodreads there a lot of mixed reviews so I don’t have as high of an expectation as I do for Tower of Dawn. I recently read Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau, which has a similar premise to 3 Dark Crowns and I didn’t enjoy that book. The overall premise was great and not over-done but it was too busy setting itself up for a sequel to properly develop the world and characters. Fingers crossed 3 Dark Crowns doesn’t fall into the same trap.

The Darkest Part of the Forest- Holly Black

Returning to my Fae roots this book takes place in a world that is inhabited by both Fae and humans; they seem to live peacefully with the Fae attracting tourists with their magic but Hazel knows different. Hazel and Ben have grown up saying they were going to save the world but now being older they don’t recall how. What they do remember is the boy with horns in a glass coffin that they both love. The boy with horns has been asleep as long as the two remember until one day he wakes up. Hazel is battling to remember how to save her world but being swept up in love and loyalties time is running out.

Honestly I’m just obsessed with fae and romance so this book is calling my name. This book has very mixed reviews but has an average rating of 4 stars on Goodreads. Holly Black is the author of the Spiderwick chronicles and I enjoyed that series as a kid so I’m hoping it’s not too childish for me now. Overall I feel like this book is going to be kind of reminiscent of a whimsical fairytale but more adult- hopefully. I’m excited.

Caraval – Stephanie Garber

Arranged marriages, sisterly love, a hot stranger and a mysterious carnival- I’m all in. The blurb of Caraval reminds me a lot of the plot of Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones and The Forbidden Game by L.J Smith. I didn’t enjoy Wintersong but I remember loving The Forbidden Game so I have mixed expectations about this book, further more there are very mixed reviews for this book despite it averaging at 4/5 stars on Goodreads. Similarly to The Darkest Part of the Forest this book gives me whimsical vibes and so I’m hoping if nothing else this book will leave me feeling like I read a dark fairytale.

I’m a sucker for fantasy books that revolve around some big game or tournament (minus The Hunger Games– sorry dystopian fiction is not my thing) hence why it’s on my list.

Strange the Dreamer- Laini Taylor

In this world the dream chooses the dreamer and Lazlo Strange fears that his dream to find the lost city of Weep was the wrong choice for the dream. However when an opportunity comes up involving a Godslayer and warriors he takes it before it slips away forever. Honestly this concept really intrigues me, getting a dream that’s your life purpose before you have any inkling of what you’re good at or your experiences. I’ve never come across this kind of concept so I’m excited for something very different to what I’ve read- I love a good adventure tale, especially one with a twist.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone- Laini Taylor

Going back to my romantic roots this last book is a classic tale of a Romeo and Juliet style of forbidden romance. Karou is an art student in Prague who lives with humanoid monsters that grant wishes, however to grant said wishes they need teeth, cue Karou’s relentless “errands” to collect them. On one of her trips she comes across Akiva and a dark fiery love sparks, unfurling secrets about Karou that she never expected.

Like any young girl I love reading romance and what intrigues me about this romance novel is that it revolves around a new set of myths/rules then the typical fae/vampire romance novels I have read in the past. Plus throw in a Shakespeare reference and I’m all in. Laini Taylo is also the author of Strange the Dreamer and she’s popping up a lot recently in my YA Fantasy book recommendations so I’m excited to see if Laini becomes part of my Holy Quartet as a pose to my current Holy Trinity: Richelle Mead, Maria V Snyder and Sarah J Maas.

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