All of the books, plays, movies and albums reviewed by Underground’s editors up to 2016!

Underground is undergoing some big changes in 2017!

The first change is that Jessica G., one of the original and founding members of Underground, has returned to us and, much like Gavin Kavanagh in The Boat That Rocked, is ready to rock and/or roll! With her help, and the hard work of all the volunteers that make up Underground Writers, we will be making the following changes:

-For the first time ever issues of Underground will be to a theme. The themes for issues released in 2017 are still being hotly debated, but issue 17, due out February next year, is themed The Hitchhiker. Read more about the theme on our Submissions page

-Also for the first time ever, and pending the success of our Pozible campaign, we will be paying our writers! Our dream is that every writer who is published in Underground will be paid for their work, and with the generous support of everyone who donates, we hope to make that happen! Underground has always operated on zero budget, run by volunteer students who are passionate and (mostly) broke, so this is a big step for us

-Also pending the success of our Pozible campaign, we will start commissioning artwork for each issue of Underground. Supporting local and independent illustrators and artists has been a long-time dream of the Undergrounders, and with the hopeful success of our campaign, we can make that happen this year!

-Thanks to the generosity of the team at Kickzer, Underground’s website and online home is getting a professional makeover, including such features as a Subscribe button, and internal searches so that specific authors and their work are easier to find

Lastly, and most importantly: Submissions for issue 17 are officially open! Send us your poems, your prose and your reviews, related to the theme of The Hitchhiker

Underground Team

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