Issue 16 asks the question: what is normal? Featuring a review of Holly Bourne’s YA book Am I Normal Yet? by editor Jessica, two poems by A. J. Huffman, I Dream In Absinthe and Rocking In Empty Rooftops, the poem Father by Jan Price that gently deconstructs grief and memory, and a short story by our regular writer Nicole Bostrom entitled Dinosaur Smoke, issue 16 explores what ‘normal’ really means.

We hope that issue 16 makes you question your normal, preparing you for the changes 2017 will bring for Underground. From setting up a Patreon page to fund our writers to the introduction of themed issues, Underground will look very different from ‘normal’, and we look forward to bringing you those changes in the new year.

Find the balance in life’s Bitterness and Sweetness.


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