Welcome to issue 23!

The gorgeously macabre cover art for this issue was designed and produced by Aila Stefansdotter-Franck – more of her work is on Instragram at @ailafranck_eng

This issue features our first ever visual storytelling piece: South Pacific by Louise Falconer. Our short stories are from Bayveen O’Connell with The Sun on the Snow Grave and Tea With a Bun by Margaret Pearce. Our poetry comes from repeat author Allan Lake with Winter Sunshine, and newcomers Wendy Lichtenberg with how beauty feels, Sara Morgillo’s Bugs Taught, and Freya Davies-Ardill’s Still Life. Editor Jess Rae Wilson-Smith reviews Margot McGovern’s Neverland, the August writing opportunity round-up is towards the end, and on the last page you’ll find our theme reveal for issue 24. Enjoy!

Underground Team

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