Given the interest in our previous Issue ‘Australian Gothic’, we decided to continue with the dark themes and dedicate Issue 26 to Revenge/Haunted. Since we’ve just had Halloween it seems like the correct way to end 2021. Revenge is an malicious act, intentional and committed by an individual or group against another who they percieve to have wronged them. Add to that the idea of haunted, to be troubled, worried, disturbed and it’s clear we were not looking for happy, heart-warming works in this issue.

So go forth if you dare and find examples of vengeful haunted poetry and short stories from our brilliant contributors: Elizabeth Robinson-Griffith, Josie L, Kerry Gittins, and Maddison Bryce. You’ll also find a review from junior editor Himara Ratnayake of Tussaud by Belinda Lyons-Lee and another of SJ Norman’s Permafrost by editor Lauren Pratt. Adele Lomas Glendenning returns with her stunning issue design, with the spooky packaging from artist Ryan Kearins.


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