Hi all,

Just a quick late-night update (well, ‘late-night’ over here in Australia… it’s 1AM!), and an exciting one at that! We may have been silent for a few months, but we’re pleased to announce that we’re still alive, and more importantly, we’ve just released Issue 10! It’s chock-full of prose and poetry goodness and positive vibes. Well, I put a lot of positive vibes into it at least; hopefully they come through when reading the magazine! Let us know what you think of this issue, if there’s anything you’d like to see in future, heck just drop us a line about anything and everything! We’re friendly, and we don’t bite… most of the time.

Issue 10 can be found over on the Issues page as usual. Of course, this means that submissions are now open again for Issue 11, so we’d love to see some submissions coming through. We’ve already had a few that we’ve had to put on hold until next issue, but we’d love to see more! Not that we like saying to people “oh, sorry… you have to wait until next issue”, but it sure is nice to have submissions rolling in. Always a pleasure. I think this is the point where I should stop rambling and perhaps consider sleep. Maybe.

Until next time, folks!


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