Cover for Aniko Magazine issue 2, Revolt

Title: Revolt
Author: Aniko Press
Genre: Magazine
Publisher: Aniko Press
Published: June 2021

Aniko Press is an independent publishing company based in Sydney and Revolt is their second issue. Reading Revolt is an immersive and tactile experience. Truly creative in form and content, this magazine contains everything from blackout poetry, to manifestoes, to pieces written within a musical score. As founder Emily Riches writes in the foreword, at times the theme ‘revolt’ has been interpreted to create disgusting, actually revolting matter, resulting in writing that evokes a can’t-look-away experience. At other times, it has inspired writers to produce stories that tell of rebellion and strength.

Two pieces that stood out to me included New Year’s Eve by Jude Bridge and The Premiere by Scott Limbrick. The former being a witty take on Eve’s (of Adam and Eve) true position in history; and the latter a depiction of society if life existed within the confines of a movie theatre. I really enjoyed the experimental nature of these pieces and their ability to be absurd without alienating the reader (as experimental work can sometimes do). Another favourite was Zachary Picker’s Score for ordinary washing machines. I had to read it twice, once letting my peripheral vision pick up the onomatopoeic words in the baseline, and again reading every line which changed the rhythm and feel of the piece entirely. Above all I found there to be a vein of strength and passion underlying every work in Revolt – the kind of strength and passion needed from revolutionaries.

And of course, not only is Revolt full of gutsy writing, it is also aesthetically beautiful. If you’re anything like me you will find yourself running your fingers over the deeply saturated illustrations to experience their beauty in full.

For people who read in stolen moments, this is a publication you will get a lot out of. Revolt’s short-form content is engaging and unique with stories lending themselves to second and third readings due to their complexity.

With this second issue, Aniko Press has certainly succeeded in their goal of publishing exciting and fiery new stories. This is one to share with the readers, writers and rebels in your lives.

Underground Team

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