Issue 24’s Review

Monster Party (2018) by the children of Rawa Community School, with Alison Lester & Jane Godwin

 Review by Kate Lomas Glendenning (this review can also be read in the Underground zine, issue 24: Bars)

Monster Party is a collaboration with the Children from the Rawa Community School in Punma (one of the most remote communities in Western Australia) and established authors Alison Lester and Jane Godwin. Monster Party was created through the children’s love of storytelling and artwork, and through the guidance and assistance of Lester and Godwin they created a hilarious picture book! The story centres on desert monsters that amalgamate at Dora Lake to have a party, and cause quite a bit of bother for the school children! The writing has a wit and rhythm that rivals Dr Seuss—but with an Aussie twist—and had me cackling from start to finish! The monster cut-out illustrations the children created were stunning and are beautiful accompaniments to their story. A brilliant book that children and parents will enjoy reading together!

Underground Team

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