Issue 24’s Review

Our Last Trip to the Market (2017) by Lorin Clarke, illustrated by Mitch Vane

 Review by Jessica Gately (this review can also be read in the Underground zine, issue 24: Bars)

Our Last Trip to the Market is the debut children’s book from Lorin Clarke and illustrated by Mitch Vane. The story follows a mother and her six unruly children as they make a trip to the Fresh Food Market. On the surface this is a bright colourful tale with beautiful watercolour pictures about a group of kids causing mischief. Underneath though, is a tale of resilience as the Mum puts a positive spin on every experience, tries to get her shopping done, and allows the kids the chance to explore. Filling the day with fun and laughter for her boisterous band, the Mother faces the sometimes dubious stall-holders with a smile and keeps the energy running high. Watching the children get into mischief will leave kids laughing as parents wince at the familiar feeling of trying to do the shopping with the little ones in tow.

Underground Team

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