Our Editors

Our editors are our life force. These dedicated volunteers live and breathe writing and reading and have made it their mission to help emerging writers succeed. We’ve seen editors come and go according to the hectic lives these champions lead, but our current line-up is as follows:


Jemimah Halbert Brewster

Age: 28

Role at Underground Writers: Editor-in-Chief/Operations Coordinator

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: Julie Koh’s Portable Curiosities, the short story anthology Defying Doomsday, the comic anthology Fly the Colour Fantastica, Sarah Epstein’s Small Spaces, Elizabeth Bryer’s From Here On, Monsters; everything ever written by Isabel Allende, Neil Gaiman, Jackie French, Scott Westerfeld, Philip Pullman, and Terry Pratchett, plus many graphic novels, too many to name here!

Study, either current or pastI have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing; studied literature at Cambridge University; Grad Cert in Children’s Literature; a cert II in AusLan.

Wildest ambition in writing: For readers to become lost in the worlds and characters that I create. I used to want to make a living from it, but now I think that might kill it for me. So it will be my passion side project, and I’m happy with that.

Your passion in the written word: Linked and layered short stories set in the same universe but across different characters. I also love retold and re-imagined fairy tales and mythology, like Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad, and Angela Carter’s short stories

Your passions outside of writing: Reading, knitting, binge-watching sci-fi, cooking with lots of butter

Your current project/s: As always: Underground Writers is my main project. However, I am also working on several fiction writing projects, and I write reviews for my own blog over at Oddfeather Creative

Quirks and quotes you’d like to share: It is what it is because it is the way it is. If it wasn’t the way it is then it wouldn’t be the way it is ~ Dylan Moran, Black Books
“It smells like bacon and everything’s weird!” ~ my housemate, January 2020

You can find Jemimah at the following:

Website: oddfeather.co/
Facebook: facebook.com/jemimah.rose.writer/
Instagram: @oddfeather_creative

You can find her posts for Underground here.


The Team

Age: 25 and counting

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: I can’t look past the Harry Potter series as my all-time favourite, but my favourite book in the last few years is Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. Particularly if I have a non-reader looking for a recommendation, I always point them towards BSU.

Study: Bachelor of Arts: Major in Writing and Minor in Editing & Publishing; Masters of Writing, Editing & Publishing at RMIT

Wildest ambition in writing: I want to have two books published before I die.

Your passion in the written word: Early in my literature studies I fell in love with poetry and consider it my background before I think of any other form, so I am incredibly passionate about language—how it functions, reads and sounds. It plays a huge role in my enjoyment of any work.

Passions outside of writing: Reading; running (my version of meditation)—I’m training towards my first marathon at the end of this year; coffee with loved ones and sharing stories/jokes

Quirks and quotes you’d like to share: On my tombstone I want it to read, ‘You win some. You lose some.’

You can find Dylan
on Instagram @dylanstorytime

on Twitter @dartnell_dylan

You can find his posts for Underground here.

Jess Gately

Role at Underground: Circulation & Marketing Manager

Age: 29

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: Where to start… I’m a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy. My dad introduced me to such series as The Belgariad by David Eddings, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Adam Douglas, and Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. To this day, I still absolutely adore all three. But my tastes have also expanded to include non-fiction (put a Bill Bryson book in front of me and you won’t see me for days thanks to former Underground editor Pauli) and a lot of general fiction, short story collections and graphic novels/manga.

Study, either current or past: I have a Master of Arts in Professional Writing & Publishing from Curtin University. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Geography & Biology with a minor in Writing from ECU.

Wildest ambition in writing: I want to make a living out of my writing—not just writing my own stories but helping others to write theirs!

Your passions outside of writing: My partner and I love to travel and I also work as a professional photographer. Otherwise, I’m a massive nerd so my spare time is largely taken up with anime, DnD and board games.

Your passion in the written word: I love sci-fi and fantasy, but not just for the big epic journeys and the easy-to-love characters, but also for the cleverness in the writing. Both genres explore what it is to be human, and the nuances of society, politics and relationships. I’m particularly interested in fictional languages and how they are used to build a world.

Your current project/s: I’m working on a fantasy novel which plays with fictional languages at the moment, but I’m also doing some psychology research for a sci-fi series I’d like to write.

Quirks and Quotes you’d like to share: “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane”- Philip K Dick;

You can find Jess G:

on Instagram @jess_gately_
on Facebook @Jess-Gately-EditorWriter
on Twitter @jess_gately
and Goodreads

You can find her posts for Underground here.


Kate Lomas Glendenning

Age: 22

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: How can I possibly answer such a heinous question?

Study, either current or past: After many years, I can now officially declare that I possess a BA in English, Writing, Editing and Publishing! I am now enrolled in Honours, and I hope to complete the course by the end of 2020.

Wildest ambition in writing: To become a renowned editor like Anna Wintour, but for fiction novels.

Your passion in the written word: poetry, short stories, fiction novels and scripts

Your passions outside of writing: Reading sounds like a cop-out but it’s more of an addiction than passion at this stage

Your current project/s: Since I am about to start back at uni, my current project is my thesis! My project will explore the liminal ground of grammar in fictional writing to understand if/what meaning is derived from passages of incorrect grammar. To sum it up, my university is allowing me to publicly explore my complex relationship with comma splices. 

Quirks and quotes you’d like to share: “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” ― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

You can find her posts for Underground here.

Shelley Timms

Age: 24

Role: Interview Coordinator

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: The Fictional Woman by Tara Moss, The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop.

Study, either current or past: Currently a Writing and Editing Major at Curtin & Former Journalism Major at ECU.

Wildest ambition in writing: Edit and curate an anthology! I would also love to have the coveted ‘Accredited Editor’ achievement at the end of my name.

Your passion in the written word: Being able to see a story come to life, with my assistance as an editor, is so rewarding. Getting feedback from authors I have worked with in the past fuels my passion even further, and often reminds me that I am on the right path career-wise.

Your passions outside of writing: coffee!

Your current project/s:  Most of my projects this year involve reading goals; catching up on backlisted titles that I need to read, while also reading new Aussie releases and reviewing as many as possible.

Quirks and quotes you’d like to share: “You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”  – Madeleine L’Engle

You can find Shelley:

on Goodreads

You can find her posts for Underground here.

Jess Rae

Age: 22

Favourite book and/or author and/or series: I imagine this would be like choosing my favourite child but the books/series that have resonated with me for years are: the Vampire Academy series, The Book ThiefThe Studies series and any poetry by Charles Bukowski.

Study, either current or past: Masters in Professional Writing and Publishing

Wildest ambition in writing: to write a screen play/feature film script

Your passion in the written word: I enjoy writing anything, except poetry, love reading it- can’t for the life of me write it.

Your passions outside of writing: Outside of writing I’m a makeup artist; specifically I love makeup for film and theatre. Film and theatre has always been a passion for me and while I love acting I never saw myself as acting for a career, therefore writing and makeup is my entryway into the film/theatre world. Also Disney- anything Disney is my passion; yes I am an adult.

Your current project/s: My freelance makeup career and beauty blog are my current projects, however I’m always working on some form of fiction writing.

Quirks and quotes you’d like to share: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’- Charles Bukowski

You can find Jess Rae:


You can find her posts for Underground here.