Underground Books, the new online bookshop from Underground Writers, officially launches this weekend. The online store will only stock debut titles from Australian or Australian-based authors with all profits from the sales going towards funding the group’s projects to support emerging Australian writers.

Operations Manager and Editor-in-Chief Jemimah Halbert Brewster said the store had ‘already received a huge amount of support from the Australian literary community, and we’re very excited to be providing this service to lovers of new Australian writing.’

A 2017 study of Australian Reading Habits revealed that a vast majority of respondents felt that books by Australian authors were of value in helping them understand themselves and their country. They also recognised the importance of children being able to read books set in Australia and written by Australian authors.

‘Australian readers are overwhelmingly in favour of reading books by Australian authors,’ Halbert Brewster said, ‘but the research also indicated that 78% of respondents were likely to choose a book by an author they had previously read and enjoyed so emerging authors often have a difficult time breaking into the market.’

Underground Books will stock a variety of genres and styles in the hopes that more Australians will diversify their reading to include books from emerging authors.

‘At the end of the day, 90% of respondents were influenced by the topic, subject, setting or style of the book which is why we feel this bookstore will be successful. It’s all about providing an easy portal for readers to access these books.’

The bookstore is now open online at https://books.underground-writers.org/. Publishers and authors wishing to have their books stocked in the store should contact Bookshop Manager Fred Woolhouse at bookshop@underground-writers.org. For Media enquiries please contact Marketing and Social Media Manager Jess Gately at jess@underground-writers.org.


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