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Next Issue: Revenge/Haunted

Submissions 28th August 2021 – 12th September 2021
For November release

Carrying on the darkness from Issue 35 “Australian Gothic”, we challenge writers to entertain their inner demon and submit a piece of poetry or prose that embodies the theme of Revenge. According to the good old internet, revenge is classified as ‘an individual or group intentionally committing a malicious act against another individual or group’. Revenge is not a mistake. Revenge is intentional. Revenge is committing harm against another who has done you wrong.

Perhaps your story is set years ago when people lurked the streets at night by candlelight, or perhaps it is set in the present, where people sneak around with the torch app on their phone and their name obscured on the internet. Revenge is not always clear cut. Revenge pushes the boundaries of morality. Show us the determined characters set on vengeance or detail the hesitation of those who follow through.

Examples of revenge in fiction include: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, My Name is Revenge by Ashley Kalagian Blunt, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham, the NevernightChronicles by Jay Kristoff, and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

And because we really love our dark stories, we’re throwing in another element to the theme of this issue: Haunted.

To be haunted it to be troubled, worried, disturbed. A place can be haunted by memories, by ghosts, by ill-intent. Basically, being haunted is to be wary, to be inflicted with un-ease and possibly indefinable troubles. Perhaps the haunting comes about slowly or perhaps it has always been there. Being haunted can be literal or figurative; it can be physical or psychological; it can be vaguely romantic or violent and horrific. A place, a person, or an object can be haunted, and it can be thrilling, terrifying, or mysterious.

Perhaps your piece will be entirely about revenge, perhaps it will be entirely about being haunted, or perhaps you’ll find a way of combining the two and amping up that intrigue!

So take these themes where you will; use them to break your characters or make them stronger, but make it memorable!

Examples of Australian works that embody ‘Haunted’ include Ghostlines by Nick Gadd, The Séance by John Harwood, Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott, Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier, Soon by Lois Murphy, This Sublime Darkness: And Other Dark Stories by Greg Chapman, and In the Skin of a Monster by Kathryn Barker.

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