Hi all!

Just dropping in with a quick announcement: Issue 7 is released! You can find it over in our Issues section. It’s a double-sized issue this time around, with eight pages of word-y goodness for you to devour. This also marks the first issue that our new editors have been involved with from the start; a round of applause for Rob, E, Jemimah and Kia if you would, because they have done a simply marvellous job, and quite frankly, we’re not sure how we would have managed to keep this running without them.

As always, keep your pen to the page or perhaps your fingers to the keys, fellow writers. Keep an eye on the website, too; we’ve got a few updates coming along in the next few days that should prove… well, is interesting good enough to entice you to come back?
Thanks all. We can’t run this ‘zine without you.


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