Underground is proud to present the 2017 mid year writing challenge! In honour of upcoming issue, The List, this challenge utilises lists to help us develop settings, characters, plots and style.

The rules are simple. Each day this week (Monday 12th – Sunday 18th June) at 5am (AWST) we’ll post the day’s list challenge. You’ll have all day to create your list and then write a short story, poem or flash fiction using your list as instructed in the challenge.

You’ll then have one extra week to edit your work, put your best forward, and submit your story/poem to editors@underground-writers.org with the subject line “A List of Lists Writing Challenge”. You’ll have until midnight AWST June 25th 2017 to be considered.

You’ll go into the running to win a fabulous writing pack which includes:
– San Francisco Writer’s Grotto “642 Tiny Things to Write About”
– Typo notebooks
– Smiggle pens

The winning story/poem will also be featured in Underground Issue 19 “The List”

Make sure you like and follow our Facebook page so that you’ll see the announcement of the winners.

Happy Writing Undergrounders!

Underground Team

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